Bonnie & Clyde by GIANFRANCO GFN


“Bonnie & Clyde” is the story of two outlaw lovers who build their unconditional love on understanding without the need for communication. It is a lyrical definition of “soulmates,” a life made of choices that do not see death as an obstacle.

In “Bonnie & Clyde,” the enchanting voices of Paula Bright & Vladi Carbone shine on an enjoyable expanse of musical notes created by GIANFRANCO GFN, a song that will make you dance and breathe joy without worry and forget everything for a moment.

“Bonnie & Clyde” is a wonderful mix of Pop-Latino and Commercial Pop that brings out trumpets and drums with a lively and positive Latin rhythm and hot rhythms that hit your body, which gives space for solo singing.

GIANFRANCO’s recording career began in 2011 with the album “Linea,” followed in 2014 by the album “Interlude,” then in 2016 with the production of “DownTown In Person 70’s,” and the album “Ca’giazz” in 2019. And now we’re waiting for their next project, coming soon.


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