Interview with GIANFRANCO GFN


GIANFRANCO’s career began with recording in 2011 with the album “Linea,” followed in 2014 by the album “Interlude,” and then in 2016 with the production of “DownTown In Person ’70s,” and the album “Ca’giazz” in 2019. Then he started working on his album in February 2020.

Gianfranco’s musical style seems to be evolving more and more over time. And right now he’s releasing his new album “TROUBADOUR,” so we wanted to talk to him about everything.

Hi Gianfranco,

1-    Tell us more about your upcoming album, “TROUBADOUR”

TROUBADOUR was a long work because with the pandemic I had to work completely differently! It was very laborious, but today the results are there and I am very proud. In this adventure participated more than 20 artists.

2-    From your point of view,  what stands out from your latest single, Bonnie & Clyde?

Bonnie & Clyde was conceived on the idea that I wanted more Latin music! But not actual, because I like to keep my style… When I first read the text the music almost came by itself! Text and music were a perfect match!

3- Where did the idea for the song Bonnie & Clyde come from?

The idea of this piece was that I wanted to make music and a text about characters! But as I always say, without talking about politics and religion, nor making provocation! Hence the story is about the love and passion of two people who love each other in their context…

4-    Do you plan to release any more singles in the near future?

Of course and I’m already at work with a lot of new demos! I think 1-2 songs will be presented by the end of this year.

5-    what do you think is missing from today’s music scene?

We need a coalition to defend the artists better! The net has destroyed everything, but we can’t do less! We have to be present and it costs us! We need to create something that can help us better, especially to be able to earn our money better! But say that and do it……

6-    What has been the hardest moment you have faced since you started? And which is the most beautiful and satisfying?

I might surprise you, but I have always worked in a conscious way that everything is not easy, you have to sweat, and work, to achieve something! nothing is free or acquired in advance without anything! So you always go through hard and difficult moments first, and then your work comes as a reward.
Today I’m releasing my 4th album, I started my solo career in 2011, and with all that I went through, work, and the problems I had to face, today I’m proud, and I’m pumped up to launch my 5th album.

7-    Would you like to collaborate with someone?

It would be wonderful and it would only enrich my knowledge, but to tell you who it is is difficult because I have so many artists that I love, but I think that if it happens one day, it doesn’t matter who it is! It will be just beautiful.

8-    What/who influences you most as an artist?

The dream, because it’s something that no one can take away, it’s freedom, and with dreams, we make a lot of things.


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