boss by QRIAN


Korean musical explorer, singer and songwriter QRIAN released quite a unique electronic experience on the 5th of October…”BOSS” is a very charismatic and infectious piece of electro music, mixed with QRIAN’s unique vocal flow and cadence, it’s a very colorful musical vibe that will stick with you for a long time.

Born and raised in South Korea, QRIAN could be seen as unique, but also as a musical troublemaker…she doesn’t shy away from the unconventional, she break new musical grounds and explores uncharted musical territories…and in the end, she creates new sounds, melodies and experiences…that is what any artist strives for…to create new experiences, and QRIAN does it in a very musical way.

“BOSS” has some kind of magic to its composition…it lies in its repetition, feeling like a mantra…like you’re getting sucked into a trance…even though the music is modern, even at sometimes futuristic, yet the vibe of that spiritual repetition feels very raw and ancient, as old as humans have been around.

The music starts with a minimal bass intro…then more and more instruments and sounds are added, building up the energy and the emotional storytelling…QRIAN’s vocals take center stage with some repeating verses in English, while there are Korean lyrics too, that are performed with a kind of eloquent flow…

…speaking of storytelling, QRIAN describes the inspiration for the song “BOSS” as ‘three years ago, I met a boss who kept changing his mind, and it made me frustrated and confused’…which now makes sense hearing the lyrics that says “I Just Don’t Know…”.


Having a disoriented boss is like having the captain of the ship not knowing what north, south, east and west means…it’s a disaster.

QRIAN has managed to take a real life situation that almost any person in the world could relate to and made it into a musical experience…wishing the artist all the best in the world…can’t wait to hear more of her unique musical approach.



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