I’m not that guy by The Feels


So you want some funk in your life?

Some grooviness?

…ok, simple, start with the Long Island musical duo The Feels’ latest single “I’m Not That Guy”…this will instantly quench your funk thirst.

The musical duo are focusing on moving people with their uplifting funky pop and they are doing it in the most musical way possible…

…and what I absolutely like is that their approach to funk pop is a fusion of what you’d expect from the classical funk, but also mixed in with a new and modern approach to funk, with more focus given to synthesizer based musicality.

…interestingly, also, is the guitar fills that tend to go for a bit more aggressive overdriven sound…an excellent addition to an already excellent fusion between the classical and the modern.

The chorus to “I’m not that guy” is one of the best and most feeling infused uplifting choruses you’ll get to experience in 2023…masterfully crafted, along with the whole track really.

The funky guitar chops, the grooving bassline, the steady drums all work together beautifully on their own…enter the lead and backing vocals, it’s beautifully crafted and induces the groove fever instantly.

The vocals to “I’m not that guy” are performed with a unique cadence and energy that instantly hits the soul and moves the body.

Wishing all the best to the musical duo The Feels…we can’t wait to hear more and more of their unique and charismatic musicality.


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