Breathe (Deeology Remix) by OSP


Back in 2014, a hip-hop group got together to create some fantastic music, blending their beats to flawlessly complement the tracks they compose. With this new version, “OSP” features a song that has been remixed and given new energy called “Breathe.”

The song’s remixed Deeology created contains some sick rhythms. The song “Breathe” talks about our modern problem that we continually face some wars that can never be stopped. Words need to be heard and take a break from what comes out of these conflicts. Standing against rage and corruption is what can stop our peace and love. But it won’t be eliminated easily “You just can’t beat a person who won’t give up.”

“OSP” is very good at using strong language to convey their ideas, and their audience can understand and enjoy them. The original beats were pretty much perfect, but Deeology added a lot more to them that fits them brilliantly and maintains the song’s originality.



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