Call Me by OSP


Given a proper chance, all of Call Me’s shortcomings end up feeling marginal and negligible next to its core musical value. A fun, catchy, and cheeky little number that deserves a bit of concentration. 

Call Me comes from Reading’s own, OSP. OSP is an alternative indie R&B act who’ve been getting decent critical acclaim for its debut self-titled EP. Call Me sees the group taking on a more heartfelt and personal approach, with tender lyricism and passionate delivery. Call Me can be discussed from two distinct standpoints. The first is the music, the backdrop to the rapping, which is memorable enough. The music consists of a scratchy, consistent beat that ebbs and flows, massively impacting the dynamic feel, and adding context to the rap flow. The harmonic content is delivered through an upright piano that’s equally bright and balanced within the mix.

The piano is played beautifully and is characterful enough to demand attention and not just be a derivative part of the mix, with a lot of colorful ornamentation and nuance. From the lyrical standpoint, this song starts to vary off the path ever so slightly, with the lines being short and excessively direct, making the flow jerky and a little lackluster. This is made up for by some actual heartfelt lines that are smart and impactful that add up too much and manage to fill in all the gaps. 

Call Me is a sensual offering from the eccentric English trio OSP. Essentially flawed, but balanced, it manages to stand up on its own and is a fun, enjoyable, quirky R&B popper that’s got a lot of personalities. A solid follow-up to a brilliant EP and an amazing single. 


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