Built Me (Duet Version) by JOSH TEPPER


Not all relationships are meant to be forever; however, ending them doesn’t mean we forget the person we built memories with. In collaboration with Madisyn Shipman, Josh Tepper released an emotive version of his song “Built Me” last December, conveying the longing for past relationships’ ghosts.

“Built Me” is a smooth mixture of sensational and spirited vibes. The blend of electronic and pop is appealing and offers an energetic, bright atmosphere, which eases the fact that this is a song about past relationships. On the other hand, the warm harmony between Shipman and Tepper spread emotional sensations.

The vocals of the charismatic duo strike the perfect balance between the lighthearted melody and the bittersweet theme, providing you with a very pleasant listening experience. Each element of the song is well-placed and urges you to groove along. You’ll find yourself seamlessly swaying with the uplifting beats while at the same time singing passionately along with the catchy chorus.

The song’s musicality is hooking, yet what stands out is the charming vocals. Having male and female vocals suits the theme best. Josh has a warm, tender vocal line, while Madisyn has a shiny, dulcet voice, and they harmonize in a way that gets you thinking this is a love song, despite what the lyrics portray.

Despite the overall mood-boosting energy, at 1:55, the raw, stripped-down delivery is soul-stirring, and the back-and-forth performance, like two partners having a conversation, gives the song intensity.

Josh Tepper is a talented artist who has a lot to offer. He has released seven songs so far, and more are on the way. I hope there’s another track featuring Madisyn Shipman because they make magic together.




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