Cada Vez by Camila Andrew


The Colombian songstress Camila Andrew’s latest single puts her firmly on the table as a fierce competitor.

Camila is a Colombian/American singer/songwriter with top-notch, delicate sensibilities. She’s been at her career since 2017, gently causing ripples in her local Bogota musical circles, and steadily honing her craft, developing her sound and her personality as a performer and as a songwriter, and the payoff is finally here!

Taking the shape of a sensual, chill, contemporary RnB banger, Cada Vez borrows a page out of the Telepatia book. Deftly blending a foreign language into an English song is bound to make the foreign one sound sexy and exotic, it only helps that Spanish is actually sexy. The song is a stunning slow burner. Downtempo and chill, the bulk of the sound is delivered via heavenly keyboard chords. The sound is washed out and airy and the instrumentation is sparse. The beat is also minimal and is more a percussive part than an actual groove. The star of the show is definitely Camila’s voice. Deep and commandeering, her croons are authoritative, distinctive, and compelling.

A simple, lustful progression with a limited roster of instruments and ample production that simply puts things where they belong was enough for Camila Andrews to build upon them a sensational Latin RnB song that’s dazzling and exciting. A beautiful display of vocal style and prowess, Cada Vez is a gorgeous listen.