Silver Surfer by Joie Grey


With a quirky soundscape, a playful rhythm, and witty lyrics, JOIE GREY is here with a follow-up to his viral hit UNTITLED. And it’s exciting for so many reasons.

JOIE GREY is based in Atlanta, Georgia. He’s a creative songwriter and producer with a very distinct sonic and visual style. SILVER SURFER was produced to the same ridiculously high standards as his latest, UNTITLED. With a sound that’s speckless and groomed to perfection, the vibes are quite a bit different from those of UNTITLED.

While his previous single was an airy, driving groove with succulent, thick pads, SILVER SURFER is a playful, quirky little thing. The sound is dominated by a processed droplets synth sound and a furry layer of fuzzed-out sub-bass. JOIE’s delivery is thankfully just as catchy as before and his flows are engaging and varied just enough for the vocal part to sound cohesive, and not repetitive. A class act.

SILVER SURFER hits a very different crowd. It’s a banger that’ll set the dance floor ablaze. And it’s very refreshing that the quality of JOIE GREY’s output appears to be consistent. We’ll come to rely on him for more of their fantastically produced and thought-out gems.