Can’t Forgive Me by ICEBERG

Ilhan Beyazay

Today I will be reviewing  Iceberg’s latest single from her upcoming self-produced EP “Can’t forgive me”. Iceberg is a London-based artist and producer, who toured the US and Europe multiple times before deciding on becoming a producer as well. Her single “Can’t forgive me” was recorded at Urchin & Flesh & Bone studios in London.

I couldn’t help but fall in love with her dreamy vocals in this song. The song put me in a dream-like state till the end. Adding piano to the song was an amazing choice, it gave the song an ethereal vibe. The piano and violins in the middle gave me literal goosebumps. It somehow made me feel nostalgic, sounded like a lullaby you would hear when you were young. The lyrics were diaphanous and you could not really group the song into one singular genre, you just can’t put it into one box, it just transcended genres.

All in all, I think the song was beautifully produced and created, and it is super impressive that all of that was done just by one person! I cannot wait for her EP to come out and it is sure to put her on the map.



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