So In Love With You by K-Syran

Steeve Boechout

“So In Love With You” is the latest release by Norwegian singer and songwriter K-Syran. Apart from being a musician, the multi-talented artist is a remarkable actress, author, director, and to top it off,  an active advocate for women’s rights.

“So In Love With You” is a song whose direct and only goal is to get us moving and energize us from the first few seconds with its explosive energy. The song has three different editions; The StoneBridge Mix, StoneBridge Extended Mix, and Block and Crown Club Mix. Each Edition is slightly different, but its style excites the ear in one way.

After you’ve chosen the Edition that’s right for you, have your speakers, a drink, and everything else ready for the party, because once “So In Love With You” is up and running, K-Syran’s great sound will pull you towards the energetic music, known as house and club music. And then you will be left with no other choice but to dance because this song can dominate any space and turn it into a restless dance floor.

The rhythm in this song is different as it has a repetitive swirl of action and an infectious rhyme with the phrase “So In Love With You” that can easily numb your head, which makes the song excellent first-rate, and suitable for partying with friends and dancing with your lover.

The lyrics work with the voice and emotions of K-Syran to feel the love, and with the music, you feel your heart beating fast, love is in control in this song and in this moment too, and makes everything more exciting.

“So In Love With You” is a song that wants you to feel it and the energy in it, because it will break all expectations with full force and vigor to live with it in a world of fantasy, so add it to your summer playlist that explodes the energies of dancing on the beach.




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