Careful by INDARA


I’m perfectly ready to watch INDARA grow into a global success. Any day now, and it will be wholly deserved.

The Los Angeles-based 18-year-old INDARA has an amazing work ethic. She makes all the magic happen on her own, writing, recording and releasing her songs with no outside help whatsoever, and it helps that this music is stunning.

Careful is a delicate pop tune with strong roots in folk. Based on an acoustic guitar and vocals combo, the guitar is sparkly and is delightfully fingerpicked and mixed to perfection, INDARA’s voice is distinct and charismatic, her delivery is sublime, and the words are also precious.

Careful is about being more careful not to hurt our loved ones and maybe learning to say sorry if we do this now and then. A universal message, delivered by INDARA’s soft and smooth voice. The singing in Careful can be split into two sections. The first one is personal and intimate, a conversation between INDARA and her inner self. Gentle, warm, and heartfelt. The words in this section are augmenting this sense of sweetness, as INDARA sounds like she’s collecting a real-life situation that she mishandled and wants to make it right. The second half is a vocally layered part with charismatic overdubs. The overdubbed vocals sound a little sharp, but I believe it was let in that way by INDARA herself, making this section sound unique, and giving this flawed quality that makes the sound human.

From the sweet, commanding chords, to INDARA’s solid delivery, warm lyricism, and smart overdubbing strategies, Careful is a folk-pop jem that would make all of INDARA’s influences proud, and her contemporaries jealous.


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