BLACK CAT by Dani Twice


Dani Twice’s latest nocturnal rap single is shock-full of flows, beats, and other delicacies.

BLACK CAT is the Tampa native’s seventh single off his still untitled debut album. I don’t believe this numbering was random, with the supernatural themes running amok all over this song, about a black cat’s encounter with the grim reaper. As a cat lover, this is haunting on more than a single level.

BLACK CAT is a Latin-inspired nocturnal rap song about life and death. Eerie black magic sounds and voodoo percussion are accents to a processed vocal part that’s properly terrifying. Love contemporary R&B or not, there’s no denying that this is one of the most unique-sounding productions in recent memory. The clunky beat allows Dani to use a wide range of juicy flows on top, making the song dynamic and truly unpredictable. The production is top-notch. Purely professional. The lyrics are also creative and the superstitious themes are very fresh and the interplay between the themes and the sonic choices is wholly amazing. Compelling, intentional, and fire.

Dani Twice speaks about things that not many people speak about, and he makes sounds that sound like nobody else. I’m so excited to give his untitled a listen.