Change The System by Julien Noma

Julien Noma

DJ-Producer Julien Noma released a new dynamic progressive house single titled “Change The System” from Dubai, UAE on the 11th of November.

“Change The System” starts with a typical groovy EDM kick drum and bass for about 30 seconds before a deep brass synth hit like a warning horn before the tempest. Something bad is about to go down.  Could it be the rising global temperatures? Could it be the melting polar ice and shifting sea levels? Is our Earth truly in danger? Julien Noma is undoubtedly trying to warn us about something important.

“Change the system.”

We can hear the title of the track being whispered a few times before the first drop, which gives us a fairly solid hint about where the message is headed and what we’re supposed to do. The dynamic arrangement really shows here, as energy starts to build up, letting us feel like we’re in control. We have the power to change something.


Another hint drops right after, making the message much clearer. Our behavior —as it is— is unsustainable for the future of our ecosphere. Perhaps that is why the cover art for “Change the system” is our beautiful blue marble.

I won’t spoil this 7-minute atmospheric piece anymore, so listen to “Change the system” yourself, and leave a comment if you have your own opinion on how we can improve our systems.



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