Kal​ė​dų belaukiant by Yorige and Žemyna


Most Christmas carols have nearly the same peppy sound and bright spiritual vibe, but with Yorige and its Lithuanian folk, you’ll have an ethereal Christmassy atmosphere through the recent release, “Kalėdų belaukiant.”

People are obsessed with special things, such as items, places, and dates, so the most wanted to have a special memory on 12/12/2022, considering it remarkable. I don’t know if those who wished for this made it, but I know that the musical project “Yorige” has made the day their own by releasing their Christmas ballad, “Kalėdų belaukiant,” which means in English, “Awaiting Christmas.”

Yorige is singer-songwriter Aaron Fross and instrumentalist/producer Nix Bakx, who just started the collective at the beginning of this year with the release of their debut EP, “Motina.” The fresh “Kalėdų belaukiant” is their first release.

“Kalėdų belaukiant” draws its own heavenly spirit through all of the ingredients. It’s not the kind of holiday music that will make you bounce; it will rather make you sway peacefully while embracing its peaceful mood.

Aaron Fross has an angelic voice that, along with the soothing harmonies, creates a dream-like ambiance. Her vocals have both tenderness and melancholy. She delivers the simple lyric line that means “While waiting for Christmas, remember me; sit next to me,” offering coziness even when you don’t understand the language.

The musical composition presents the warm essence of Christmas; it’s not jumpy and perky, however; it’s heartfelt and celestially euphoric. The alt-folk is softly blended with some rock elements, giving the soulful rhythm more energy. It effortlessly constructed the serene soundscape and underpinned the moving vocals.

The song was written by Fross on the anniversary of her grandfather’s passing. Knowing this backstory, you’ll get why it has this sad taste to its all-over tranquility. I suppose we’ve all lost a loved one, which has made Christmas bittersweet, but it also makes us feel surrounded by their presence. 

Enjoy the embodied sound of life in both of its light and dark colors in “Kalėdų belaukiant” and happy holidays!


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