Cheers! by MoAnanda


New Single “Cheers!” by MoAnanda deserves a spot in every party playlist!

Eclectic musical duo MoAnanda released the commercial pop single “Cheers!” on the 30th of December of last year from Los Angeles, United States. 

Singer and songwriter Moana Avvenenti teamed up with producer & mixing engineer Ananda Dhar James to create the talented and experienced duo project MoAnanda.

Moana and Ananda, graduates of Berklee College of Music and Musicians Institute Hollywood respectively, are well-experienced commercial musicians who have credits with some of the biggest brands out there, including Netflix, EA Games, Renault, and Disney Parks.

MoAnanda is a complete force in writing and production for commercial tunes, with its creative songwriting serving advertisements with multi-millions of views!

“Cheers!” was released the day before new year’s eve as a celebration by the duo. The fun, jingle-esque track has catchy pop vocal melodies and easily memorable lyrics. It also gets creative with the sound design to include clinking glass and ice cubes as part of the song’s pristine production.

The production is pristine, with high-quality recording and a superbly clean mix of each instrument and synth. MoAnanda delivers professional quality with standards as high as what we might hear in famous soda drink TV commercials.



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