Höhn Released The Egypt Lake!

The indie pop artist Höhn released his debut single, “Egypt Lake,” entirely from field recordings taken in Banff National Park, Alberta.
Egypt Lake itself is located pretty deep in the backcountry, so when I was camping there, I had to use a handheld water filter for drinking water that you work by pumping up and down.
This song is partly inspired by the idea of ‘music to pump water to,’ along with the vibe of an ‘underwater lake party.’
I want the song’s water-based samples, like the sounds of throwing rocks into water or wind on the lake, to take listeners to a sunset rave beside a favourite body of water.
Head over to your preferred platform to hear “Egypt Lake” for yourself.
View the official visuals for “Egypt Lake,” directed by YÚ on YouTube.
The video for this song synthesizes natural and synthetic elements, just like my music. It stars Toronto dancer, Kris Grzella, as he moves through industrial and natural environments, with a bit of a sci-fi twist.


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