Chez Moi by Kmalectro


Already making bomb tracks almost one year since his debut, artist Kmalectro persists in making music that speaks to the modern tortured soul. Based in Cologne, Germany with origins in Afghanistan, he released a moving electro track called ‘Chez Moi’ on the 10th of December. He is influenced by a broad range of genres like electronic, folk, and indie music which really shows as his music fuses different sonic elements that make the music truly exquisite.

Encompassing movement, flavor, and warmth against an ironic backdrop of heavily processed electronic music that feels unnatural, the song calls for the preservation of the real human soul and standing against the progressive currents and waves taking away the human elements as its being replaced with artificial intelligence and robots. The song put the question into action: do we really want to become cold and soulless as the years pass by? Will we still feel at home anywhere with technology taking over our lives like fungi growing all over our favorite plants? The overall sound of the song gives you a striking contrast of warm and dancey vibes in a very electronically packaged sound. The song is medium paced and the melody is funny and whimsical, adding a very playful twist to the rhythm of the song. The musical arrangement is a mash-up of hard drums, jungle-like percussions, spacey sounds, and what seems to be an alteration of a xylophone sound effect. There is a female vocal that is ethereal, that feels like it’s calling you from miles away, echoing. This song is an excellent way to fight the rapid technological advances that are happening right now in the world.


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