We’re Beautiful by Flexy


Elevated with emotion and positivity, get ready to take a big swig of happy juice with Afro-pop artist and prolific entrepreneur Fléxy’s vibrant song. Based in Hamburg, Germany, he released an evergreen and luscious song called ‘ We’re beautiful’. On the 1st of October in 2021. It’s been 2 years, and this song is just always worth mentioning over and over. This song was from his debut album ‘It’s possible’ which he created just before the pandemic, and is a whopping 18-track album. Flèxy is a Nigerian-born singer, songwriter, and record producer, who was nominated for 4 different categories at the annual south music awards in 2016.

We’re beautiful is the best to cure sadness or feelings of despair. If you ever feel like you don’t love yourself enough, Fléxy is here with a remedy in the form of his music. The overall sound of the song is rich, juicy, and high energy. It feels like taking a good shot of caffeine in the morning. It’s the perfect mix of Afro and pop music. Although the lyrics are simple and straightforward the vibe of the song is contagious. The musical arrangement is rich, with a medium-paced pop soundscape. There are lots of percussion instruments that are mainly the attraction of the song with a spicy jungle vibe. There are also shaking sound effects and electric guitar that is distorted and compressed to make a weird yet cool sound effect. The song is a big sunny and cheerful arena for love and hope. The vocals are smooth from both Flèxy and the angelic female vocalist. Add the song to your playlist for an ecstatic mood. 


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