Christmas Time Again by Anthony Benjamin


It’s getting a little colder, the magic of winter festivities is starting to sparkle, and artist Anthony Benjamin ignites some colorful fairy lights to decorate our hearts with, as he blesses us with his new pop, holiday season song, ‘Christmas time again’, on the 11th of November. Based in London, UK, Benjamin creates music to escape today’s crazy world. His genres of interest include pop, synth pop, and electronic music, and started his musical journey in early 2020.

Tasting like sugar cookies and brilliant gift rappers under your Christmas tree, this song is a seasonal classic. We can never get bored of Christmas carols and chants! So naturally, this song recounts the memory of Christmas and its jolly magic, and benjamin hopes that through this song the joy of Christmas time is rekindled. The overall sound of the song is bright and cheerful, with a slow rhythm and a perfect mix of Christmas sounds and soft, clear vocals that uplift your spirits. Light and frothy, the musical arrangement is packed with, drums, delightful piano, xylophone sound effects at the back of the song, playful sleigh bells reminding us of Santa’s arrival soon, and a fast and glorious violin. We also witness a beautiful piano solo that really feels like it must be Christmas already! Grab your hot chocolate and run to the store or your attic as you find your way through Christmas decorations for this year with this song in the background.