Lungs by Larwood and Koh


Hip hop duo Larwood and Koh are impressive and savage with a new musical take as they drop a new release called ‘Lungs”, on the 11th of November from Kingston upon Thames, Lancashire, UK. They have shown versatility as an alternative hip-hop duo who are inspired by Us Boom rap but remain in the area of English grime beats and flow underpinning their general sound. Larwood is in charge of the lyrics and the vocals while Koh is in production. The duo was also given a chance for airplay previously on Chuck D’s show. 

Carrying an important message about not giving up in the face of battles, this song has a much darker and gritty tone than the previous musical releases from the duo. The overall sound of the song is very energizing and hardcore with the beat. The musical composition is based on a slow and sonically breezy soundscape, with a gritty and heart-gripping mix of heavy 808 bass and a smooth, sexy R&B undertone at the same time. The song is a medium pace rhythm, with vocals that are so fast as the rapping is A class when it comes to Larwood.

One notable impression from the song is the sudden transition to a slower tune with a backing sound effect of a distorted electric guitar that gives the track a completely edgy sound completing a unique trait in the grime the duo has presented to us. It’s definitely a fresh grime tune!