Clickbait Merchants by Ruud Voesten


All the way from Rotterdam, the Netherlands shines a bright star in the sky of experimental instrumental jazz…

…we approach the bright light, and we experience the intricate musical storytelling created by composer Ruud Voesten in his latest single “Clickbait Merchants”.

Not only does Ruud craft absolutely lovely and complex jazz melodies that are easily digestible but intricate in their nature…he also has a message to share with the world…and the message is something we’re living every day in our social media-infused present.

As the title of the track would imply…” Clickbait Merchants” is a story about how the media use catchy headlines and provocative language to grab our attention…or maybe to divert our attention from a more pressing matter? That’s a question that maybe you’ll be able to answer after listening to Ruud’s “Clickbait Merchants”.

Ruud doesn’t waste time…from the first second of the track he grabs our attention to the pressing matter…and he proceeds to have a silent conversation, instrumentally and through the jazz medium to talk to us about the media attempting to control the masses.

“Clickbait Merchants” is a masterpiece in its field…it’s fresh, enjoyable, technically mesmerizing, and has a significant story to share.

The jazz band nature of the “Clickbait Merchants” is actually one of the highest, both technically and musically…the saxophone is having a conversation with another saxophone…

…the piano fills the background with the mood and atmosphere…

…the upright bass is standing guard during all that’s happening…keeping track of time…

…the drums are adding energy, tension, and silence whenever it needs to…

Musically, “Clickbait Merchants” is brilliant….and I wish people would listen to it and dissect it to see the brilliance of Ruud’s composition.

Ruud, you’re amazing and we can’t wait to see what you have in store for your future releases…we’re sure you’ll continue to wow all audiences.




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