Album: Lost Men by Saeed Habibzadeh


I believe classical musicians have become a rare breed; it’s become challenging to encounter a talented classical composer and musician who isn’t just following Bach’s rules or too busy breaking them Beethoven’s way. Saeed Habibzadeh managed to take all his passion and knowledge for classical music and interpret it in his way. He has a style of his own and a sound so authentic that you could spot it from hundreds of tracks. The Tehran-born artist decided to follow his passion, bringing him all the way to Switzerland.

Apart from being a highly skilled pianist, Habibzadeh is a music producer who worked with diverse genres like EDM, country, pop, jazz, and others. Not to mention, in 2021, he released an orchestral piece: “Capriccio the Heavenly Celebration.”  Resulting in a strong online presence, with over 2K subscribers on YouTube, where he communicates with his audience, and over 12K monthly listeners on Spotify.

He just released his debut film music album: “Lost Men.” His belief that “music comes from a divine source” drove him to create this magical thirteen-instrumental piece album, bringing the sound to life. It’s a soundtrack designed for a mafia-based story with lots of action, tension, love story, and drama. The sound almost literally comes to life as if you can watch the movie and experience its scenes and events just by closing your eyes and listening. The music is so vivid; it penetrates your soul; some tracks just spoke to me personally, and I could relate to them in more ways than one, like: “Opening Credits” and “Falling in Love.”

Habibzadeh has a modern take on the classical genre that fuses the past and the present perfectly, making it enjoyable for everyone. Saeed is a blast from the past for (the minority) who appreciate classical music and a beak of hope for the ones who prefer the more modern genres.