Close by Wulfie

Naomi Haussman

Wulfie’s latest single is full of bold and personal statements that seem to define his creative approach toward making music, and it helps that the sound is fresh and original, and totally compelling.

 From Christchurch, New Zealand. In his own words, Wulfie has struggled with feeling like a failure when it came to his music career for a long time, having been measuring his success on all the wrong stats and numbers. Close sees him singing about grief, acceptance, and rediscovery, on a musical base that’s also a fresh start for him. Close is an ethereal synth-wave stunner. With a minimal, flowing composition, and delicate, simple melodies, the song is entirely easy on the ears. The synth sounds are rich and lush with pulsating bass and satisfying, haunting stabs drenched in reverb. The beats are nuanced and quirky; they go against what’s conventional and are out of the box. Wulfie’s singing is very dreamy. Reaching high, we catch a glimpse of his rich, heartfelt falsetto.

 Close is a beautiful song with a deeply meaningful and personal message. I’m really glad for Wulfie for having discovered where his heart lies when it comes to his music, and I wish this clarity for any musician passionate about their art. Well done Wulfie. 


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