Everything’s Better by Martin Reynolds

Ian Owen

With uplifting melodies and shiny sound, singer/songwriter Martin Reynolds carefully crafted his new single “Everything’s Better” with amazing guests Sheena Vultaggio (Piano/Backing vocals) and Peter Voronov (Violin/ Viola). “Everything’s Better” is a sweet positive tune about overcoming the odds and moving toward a brighter mindset in the most perfect acoustic setting, let me tell you more about it.

“Everything’s Better” has a colorful sound with beautiful easygoing fluid melodies making it the mellow, feel-good anthem we all need in these troubled times. Martin Reynolds’ clean polished acoustic sound with his soft mellow vocals created a warm welcoming intro to “Everything’s Better”, starting from there, Reynolds managed to create a smooth dynamic structure that kept progressing into a brighter sound with lovely vocal harmonies, subtle piano, and emotional violins all in really good layering and engaging mood, this one is going to have some really cool singalong moments with the fans.

“Everything’s Better” is a laidback lovely tune with good from-the-heart writing and beautiful melodies, it has a polished production with the most perfect warm sound that gave the music much depth and feeling showing Martin Reynolds’ good eye for details. Will definitely be keeping an eye on Martin Reynolds’ releases, and I suggest you do too. Cheers!


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