Clover Mess by BAD BUBBLE


Art can be born out of hurt…

…the blessing here is if you can get that hurt out of you through the art you create.

This couldn’t be more true with the Chicago based artist Bad Bubble.

Bad Bubble went to war…

Lost a child…

Secluded himself for 10 years…

This amount of hurt is unimaginable to anyone…but he was able to give life another chance through music.

He has 160 songs…I’ll say that again…160 songs.

Bad Bubble explains that he doesn’t sleep much because of the night terrors from the war that he’s experienced…he sleeps 2-3 nights a week…so, he decided to use that time to materialize his experiences and emotions by creating music.

He’s a composer, singer, song writer, multi-instrumentalist playing guitar, piano, bass and a recording engineer.

He’s now releasing a new song titled “Clover Mess”…and for me, after listening and experiencing it along with Bad Bubble’s story…I think this could be one of the truest musical experiences to emulate real life and put it into song.

“Clover Mess” is heavily leaning into the electronic realm…with ambient vocals but strong beats.

Musically, it feels like deep within its notes, there is a hopeful feeling waiting for us…and for the artist too.

“Clover Mess” switches things up in the middle and takes us on a completely different experience during its bridge…it really mixes things up and kind of surprises us too…

The production is rich and has many layers to the sound…and the vocals also has many layers to it, it’s not just one lead vocal line…no, some of the vocal layers are actually serving another purpose…some of them are utilized more like a musical instrument rather than a straight forward vocal line.

The storytelling in Bad Bubble’s “Clover Mess” is poignant and after reading the artist’s story and how he came to make music, your experience of the song will be tenfold.

Bad Bubble, we wish you all the peace in life and thank you for the music. We can not wait to see what you have next for us.

Wishing you the best and a lot more.


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