Cold Feet by TRYHARD


TRYHARD just released his ibiza worthy new electronic song “Cold Feet”…

Its laid back chill mood inducing energy is something that is much needed in the hectic times we live in.

TRYHARD is an electro/house/dance/pop music artist from Melbourne, Australia and he has over 14k monthly listeners on Spotify and his top hit “Too Real” has almost reached 100k…he’s bringing his unique multi-genre music to the table and sharing it with the whole world.

His latest single “Cold Feet” is a solid step, establishing his unique touch even more and after hearing it and experiencing it…I’m confident it is the right step for TRYHARD in the right direction to further his career and take him to the next level.

“Cold Feet” is a hybrid/fusion track really…it has elements from several genres and subgenres, but the way TRYHARD fuses these elements together…then drizzles it all up with the vocals…this is the magic here.

“Cold Feet” starts with a concise ambient intro, followed by the vocals, electronic percussion and dance kick…

The track takes a dip to build up and once it builds up it erupts into the main verse with all the elements kicking in…arpeggios, bass, sound effects, vocal lines and a full beat section…

Everything is very tightly synchronized and harmonized…

TRYHARD is creating a new fusion experience that is a must for any dance/pop/electronic fans out there.

We wish all the best for TRYHARD, he’s creating amazing experiences.

Can’t wait to see what he has next in store for us.


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