Every Winding Mile by Dawn Boudreau


All the way from Vancouver, Canada, Dawn Bordreau releases a new indie folk single titled “Every Winding Mile”…the title tells a story, so does the music…and it’s an emotional journey.

The song was written as a love song for the trip between two destinations…Prince George and Vancouver…and at either ends of this journey, there are loved ones waiting for the songwriter…

Such a lovely and emotional premise, having loved ones at both points of your journey…if you go this way, or the other, you’ll be greeted and welcomed warmly…there’s no wrong way to go, there’s always love at the end of your journey.

Dawn Bordeau does almost everything on this record. Dawn composed the music, wrote the lyrics, played the piano, sang and co-produced the song with David Ramos…a true multipotentialite, rooted in many perspectives of the artistically sonic world.

“Every Winding Mile”’s story is a very nostalgic one for the writer…even though through the years this road has changed a bit, due to floods and fires…but the journey is still the same, the same heartwarming journey, the same love waiting at the end of it all.

Dawn created a touching song with strong indie folk essence floating in the air…the music is catchy and emotional and has the feeling of the journey captured perfectly…


The song has the piano taking center stage, with super catchy hooks and melodies…but the spices add so much to the mix, the percussive elements by Kate MacColl are perfectly balanced…the upright bass carrying the music by Derek Maroney is fulfilling…the amazing angelic harp by Emily Von Hausen, the folky melodic Accordion by Alison Jenkins, the emotional nostalgic violin by Katie Stewart…everything is wrapped in the masterful mixing by David Ramos, Pandemonia Music and the mastering by Brock McFarlane, CPS Mastering


We enjoyed being part of this trip that was masterfully crafted by Dawn Boudreau…we felt like we were there, tagging along and experiencing the love.

Dawn, we wish you all the best in life, you deserve it…and a little more.

Can’t wait to hear what kind of journey you’ll take us on next time.


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