Cold Hard Dirt by Dream of a Man in a Top Hat


With their previous EP and album hailed by a number of reviewers for their psychedelic experimental sound, Dream of a Man in a Top Hat is back and expanding their sound by experimenting with a new country area with their new single “Cold Hard Dirt”.

Trying to mix country with some ambient effects and electronic feel as they create a sonic signature that’s their own. The electronic melodies and beats were on point and surprisingly in harmony with violins (played my favorite parts) and acoustic and slide guitars which were written carefully and so genre-oriented setting the mood for a classic folky country track and this shows clearly on the middle section. On the other hand, the vocal melody – from my humble POV- was a little bit steady and needed to be more dynamic, and needed a more powerful delivery, which would’ve made the song sound more alive. 

“Cold Hard Dirt” is the mix I think you never thought you would hear. Synth and electronic beats side by side with folk and country elements all creating a different, new approach opening the door to new experimentations. It’s well written and arranged with an on-point sound and production. Looking forward to more, cheers!


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