Dream Away by Chris Considine


American singer/songwriter Chris Considine unleashed his latest self-recorded, mixed, and produced single “Dream Away”. A beautiful fluid tune about missing something that’s far away that you had to see only in your dreams.

With an open sound and beautiful melodies, Chris Considine opens “Dream Away” with dreamy guitar arpeggios and his deep narrative vocals over it. Considine’s expressive vocals and his warm voice set the mellow mood of “Dream Away” and those vocal harmonies in the chorus spiced it up and gave it diversity and depth. It has a neat production that perfectly captured the fluid easy melodies and simple beautiful strings and the distorted guitar near the end was a nice touch that added a new slightly upbeat texture.

“Dream Away” shows Chris Considine’s songwriting skills and his good knowledge of his talent and capabilities. It’s a simple tune with loads of effort and beautiful arrangements that created a harmonic mellow song that can easily slip into your repeat list. Looking forward to more from Chris Considine, cheers!


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