Could I Stay Here? by Loose Bolts


Loose Bolts’s latest drop, a single titled ‘Could I Stay Here’ is a piece of passionate and dreamy indie rock that enjoys breezy textures, a charismatic vocal presence, and an emotive, unforgettable composition.

Based in Nashville, Tennessee, Loose Bolts is the solo project of indie songwriter, producer, and multi-instrumentalist Ian Brice. A creative crossover of sorts between Tame Impala’s otherworldly ambiances, and Prince’s larger-than-life presence, Loose Bolts continues a trend of Nashville embracing and presenting us brilliant artists in all walks of music, breaking its stereotypical mold of blues and rock. 

‘Could I Stay Here’ is a fresh drop from Brice’s Loose Bolts, and its intensely chorused guitar lines have left a deep impression on me. The song’s peppy beats, loose riffs, whirling tones, and outstanding and far-reaching vocal delivery from Loose Bolts are essential indie rock bliss, and the tight production and multi-layered composition deliver it all in unending style. This soundtrack to a first love story has introspective lyrics that made me reminisce about a time when my own experiences were more engulfing and things were easier to enjoy. The song’s timbres and carefully crafted textures drove this bit of nostalgia home, making the song even more unforgettable.

‘Could I Stay Here’ is a beautifully balanced piece of indie that easily stirs emotions. With its sweet composition, lively pace, touching words, and immersive, warm atmospheres, this is a piece of music that could take me a while to get over.