Present Dreams (feat. Ben Tenison) by Genevieve Sovereign

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It’s always time for a piece of playful electropop that’s tightly produced and quirkily sung. ‘Present Dreams’ by Genevieve Sovereign perfectly fits this mold, and with its memorable vocals and a hint of wistfulness, the single manages to spin its own mix on the formula.

 Based in Melbourne, Australia, Genevieve Sovereign is a singer and songwriter who specializes in electronically tinged pop. ‘Present Dreams’ is her latest single, and the third release in her collaborative project with producer and composer Ben Tenison. After the cyber success of the duo’s two releases, ‘Vibration Angle’, and ‘Life Soaked Reveal’, they arrive once more after a pause with ‘Present Dreams’ and a new member to the team, seasoned mixing engineer Dee Cowan.

 The result of the collaboration is the colorful, bouncy, and poppy, with a slight, bittersweet taste of ‘Present Dreams’. One more vessel for Sovereign’s touching poetry, the song’s lyrics are an exploration of the reality we live, seeking a form of truth and freedom beyond what we know, and the music’s dynamic pace is an appropriate companion for them. Dotted by Tenison’s nuanced rhythms, through beats and chopped synth leads, that manage to keep interests piqued, as their intricacies make them land a little further than what we’re used to, and a little short of being experimental and challenging. Cowan’s mixing keeps the elements together in a tight-knit package of stabby synths, jubilant vocals, and a viscera of peppy electronica in which they swim. Sovereign’s vocal trail-downs in the song’s chorus are a bold choice, as they land on one of the composition’s more potent chords, and the effect is totally exciting.

‘Present Dreams’ is another release from a duo that seems to have very good chemistry going on, and featuring a mix by the experienced Dee Cowan, the results are in an upward spiral. A piece of exciting electropop with deep lyrics, intricate arrangements, and fantastic production. 

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