Creep by Gemïny


From Columbia, South Carolina comes a youthful electro-pop anthem from the one and only Gemïny. 

Gemïny is an impressive musician. Explosive, dashing, bold, and flamboyant. A vocal gymnast, a sonic architect, and an arrangement mastermind. Creep is his latest single, after a string of similarly anthemic singles and remarkable successes, and is supposed to lead off the release of his eventual debut, titled Victoria’s Secret.

What to expect? Massive vibes. Gemïny fronts the whole affair with layer upon layer of dramatic vocals, making a whole choir of himself. Some lines are delivered immaculately, with attention to detail and marksman accuracy, others are pure soul, screaming, wailing, crying, or whining. How Gemïny manages to make them work together, not overlap, or overpower the instrumentation, should be carefully studied. This, of course, is in no small part courtesy of the fantastic Josh Florez and Jeremy Chua on the mixing and mastering duties, respectively. What remains after the delectable vocal arrangement and the masterful production is still worthy of attention. A sensual pop/funk rhythm section is composed of an uber-tight drumbeat, and a bouncy, groovy bass line, both playing along a sensitive, minimal, and familiar progression. What they do is create a solid rhythm and harmony section that acts as a base on which all the crazy vocal fireworks can be safely set. 

An immaculately made piece of heartfelt pop. Electrifying and with an infectious groove, Creep is a danceable anthem with larger-than-life proportions.   


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