Sweet Earth by Baaj & Baaj


A genuine connection that touches one’s core comes from communicating with nature. And a sincere way to capture the connection and enhance it is through music. Baaj & Baaj’s “Sweet Earth” is the fruit of embracing the divine nature and capturing it with quality sound.

The French musician, singer, and songwriter Baaj & Baaj used his influences from 80’s Brit Pop to give us a delicately structured electro-pop track that has light-hearted beats, introspective, warm vocals, and a meditative aura.

“Sweet Earth” has the soft harmonies of new wave music with bright synths and tender chords that soothe your troubled mind. Its dreamy melody takes you on a journey to your favorite natural spot and creates a cleansing ritual for your spirit.

The intro sounds relaxing, yet it feels like a gateway to a mystery that is about to be resolved. The tempo goes in a restful and lightly colored direction, as the instruments, vocals, and lyrics play their key roles to stimulate the fresh air and warm sunray vibe.

Once Baaj’s mesmerizing vocals enter, you’re enchanted to cherish the planet and think of every way we have gone wrong with it. His charismatic vocal line is clear, has a warm, jazzy timbre, and offers a passionate performance.

Baaj & Baaj is a skilled musician with a musical and an enlightened vision. He knows his way around merging the vintage soul of English pop music with today’s flair and staying authentic, offering a distinct electronica aesthetic that differs from the mainstream in an appealing manner.


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