Crooked Again by One Room Schoolhouse


If there’s one thing I have in common with One Room Schoolhouse, we both agree that the world needs more synths playing major 7th chords. One Room Schoolhouse play what they describe as New Wave meets Jazz Pop. Big words for sure, but how accurate are they? 

Crooked Again is a gentle pop tune, dominated by (I hate this term) jazzy chords, throbbing synth bass, and simple beats. Those things are attempts at Pop, Jazz, and New Wave respectively. And while all attempts are solid and create a fun tune, they end up being just a pop song with an edge. The drums sound a little flat and the vocals might need another go at the mixing station. Not to detract from the heartfelt lyrics or the strong, confident delivery.

This is an intelligent song that aims high, and could easily have achieved its potential had the mix been a little more deliberate and the dynamic range been a little wider. I would be on the lookout for upcoming releases from One Room Schoolhouse, a band with nice pop sensibilities and an elegant school of songwriting, and in the future, hopefully, a more keen eye and ear for their production and mixing. 

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