Spinning by I, Sosa

Adaze Orobator

This artist has made a piece of wonderful unique music that will be yet released on the 16th of August, 2022, an artist who was born out of a classic and soft family that taught him some lush music that created his taste. “I, Sosa” is based in Newyork and has created his first piece of music “Spinnin” which is a mix of some jazzy and lo-fi music, and his attractive voice throughout this music.

The song “Spinnin” was created by “I, Sosa” and four of his friends “Hermona Tamrat,” “Shakoor Bess,” “Andrew Abrahamsen” and “Ryan Temple,” who added their beats to this piece and helped “I, Sosa” to connect his feelings through this song.

Once you play “Spinnin” you’ll get hooked to it really fast, will never get bored of listening to the dreamy beats that are played and when he starts to sing gets you into a different vibe. The lyrics will spin in your belly like butterflies when it words hit you.

It’s a perfect summer vibe that will never get you out of the mood, you can just think of your favorite person and remember the first time you felt when you got together on the first date. You can listen to it whenever you want some motivation to speak to your crush and make some memories with this music.

“I, Sosa” in an interview said “This song brings back feelings from the early days of new relationships and crushes. I smile when I hear this song, remembering the feeling of butterflies that sent my head spinning.” Where he hit the spot on the feelings he wants his listeners to receive.