Cry by Wrash Heed


Wrash Heed brings his beats from the heart of the brown continent, where he hails from Lagos, Nigeria, to entertain us with every new release, and here we find ourselves hearing the latest produced track “Cry”, which will take us on a very quiet journey of 2 minutes and 26 seconds.

Wrash Heed explored a variety of vocal techniques through which he created his unique style of voice and writing, and this is evident in his new solo track that depicts the experiences he may have gone through, being famous and living the bustling celebrity life.

 When I listened to this track, I was amazed that the word “Cry” was repeated more than 20 times, and far from being the name of the track, it reflects feelings such as sadness, regret, wonder, acknowledgment of wrongdoing, and above all love.

 The track talks about Wrash Heed’s feelings about what his girlfriend is going through after she made the decision to date him, and at some point made her cry because of him, so we find him admitting “And I know I’m the one that made your hurt”, being one of the famous artists or people will suffer from With him because of his life stolen from him because managing fame is not easy.

 The lyrics of “Cry” are charming and the sound of Wrash Heed is capable of melting any girl’s heart, which perfectly fits the purpose of the track. The amazing soundtracks mixed with Afrobearts and R&B music provide a great backing that you will love.

 As a singer and songwriter, Wrash Heed is determined to express himself and his feelings through his music. However, he sees himself as a project in progress and still has a long way to go, and he has big dreams that he will work to achieve. He shared his dreams because they really will dance to you to their tunes.

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