Don’t Tell Me by Postcard


Don’t Tell Me is the debut single from Rochester-based artist Haiden Gerstner, better known by his stage-name Postcard. The most fascinating thing about Postcard is the fact that he wrote and recorded every instrument on this track, alone and in his house. To think that up-and-coming artists of today still have that passion for rock warms my heart, especially when it’s an arrangement of nostalgic post-punk meets modern surfer rock like this one. The track begins with a simple chord progression, and then swiftly changes into a faster segment. With many refrains where Postcard shows his soft head voice and how well it contrasts with the chest voice- the latter of those is what comprises most of the song. It’s great to see such variety from an up-and-coming singer and it made me anticipate more vocal abilities to appear on future records. Another thing I loved so much was the short but fast-paced guitar solo that he managed to beautifully fit into a 2-minute song. The prominent snare drums and grounded bass lines meet seamless guitar progressions in what feels like a marriage between genres. This is what you would get if The Cure were to collaborate on a song with Fall Out Boy. I have high hopes for the future projects of Postcard, as he definitely knows what he’s doing and can come up with a banger of a song like Don’t Tell Me.


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