Crybaby by Mia Mormino

Levi Jawara

In “Crybaby,” Mia Mormino employs her array of skills and her energetic yet dark soundscape to unleash her anger and an inner crybaby.

Mia Mormino is a shiny pop star based in LA who is making herself a distinct place in the music industry by sticking to who she is and bringing in her authentic artistic identity. She has been gaining popularity through social platforms, with millions of views and listens on the streaming platforms. However, in her latest single, “Crybaby,” she expresses her frustration over working really hard and not seeing that work pay off.

“Crybaby” is a boosting anthem that conveys the thoughts of many who do the best they can yet are not recognized, while on the other side, those who are less talented and don’t break a sweat are getting chances. Normally, one needs to do something about that or even process their feelings, but it doesn’t harm to throw a pity party and act like an indignant baby.

The three-minute song starts off delicately with Mia’s tender vocal line, which soon enough sounds fiery and protesting and gets joined by a vibrant cadence. It showcases the artist’s singing and songwriting prowess. Mia Mormino has such an ethereal voice and a wild attitude. She has a dulcet yet powerful vocal line, and she can sound both raw and rich. The expressive lyricism is liberating and feels like a silent scream finally coming out. The atmospheric composition and how it combines lighthearted and dark elements make one both danceable and irate at once.

It’s not every day we find an artist who cares about sending self-awareness messages, even if it’s about unleashing inner rage. As well as having genuine talents, knowing how to utilize them flawlessly, and getting one hyped up and touched at once!



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