Cursed by Pico Panesa


One of the perks of technology and globalization is how two brilliant musicians from different continents can create art and make music without having to get together and meet. Pico Panesa from Hamburg, Germany has made a habit out of such interesting endeavor, where she usually meets with artists through social media, and they end up working together remotely. 

Pico is a hip hop producer, and she likes creating beats of different genres of music, each song released has its own circumstances and the conditions are different. The artist is mainly influenced by US trap and German rap. She has released over 40 singles and one EP from 2021 throughout 2022. “Cursed” was created in collaboration with Nau’die from Nigeria. They connected through Fiverr platform and then kicked it off. Pico created the beat and recorded It in her studio in Germany then sent it to Nau’die, where she recorded the vocal line in a studio in Nigeria. Later, she sent it back to Pico where she did the mixing and mastering. The construction of the song is simple; the sound effects and loops in the background don’t change throughout the song, with a rapping vocal line, making it easy on the ears. The context of the lyrics is sad and mainly about someone who is depressed. 

It’s still fascinating how the possibilities of creating music are endless and no obstacles are big enough for you not to create what you want or imagine anymore. There are simply no rules anymore and if this isn’t inspiring, I don’t know what is. 



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