Let Go by Cheap Blended


This band brings back the boy band vibe (which never gets old), Cheap blended a band of five members, Roger Toso: vocals, Gabriele Stegher on guitar and keyboards, Nico Aldegani on keyboards and synths, Alessandro Mattiazzo on Bass and Giulio Pattaro on drums. 

Cheap blended based in Bolzano, Italy was formed back in 2019. The members come from different musical projects and influences all within the south Tyrolean scene. They were previous members of AKKU, Homeless Band, Hangloose Band, Lukas Insam Trio, Ago and Friends, Lemon Duke, Grenzland, Machete and Jessato Groove. They were brought together by the desire of creating a project that would unite them all together to have fun and share their emotions and sound with the crowd. The band’s sound and vibe are light and fun, their music is leaning more to funk, contemporary soul, and pop with electronic influences. “Let go” is a laid-back song with a chill, relaxed beat. What caught my attention is how not one instrument is taking over, the electronic beat is sustained throughout the song, the guitar is not taking over and not the main instrument, the bass comes in and out, keyboards have a specific sound chosen for this song. the combination of electronic sounds, synths and keyboard is remarkable, which shifts the focus off the main, traditional instruments. The beat drops and pauses are catchy too. 

Diversity is a key word for this band and it’s definitely a strength point for them. The band is in the process of finishing their first EP and we can’t wait to hear more of what they have to offer. 


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