Dancing in the Dark by Jun Parker


Electronic Jun Parker will release an upcoming philosophical pop single “Dancing In The Dark” on the 10th of March from Portland, Australia.

Jun Parker is an Australian neo-city pop artist that fuses styles of funk with Japanese city pop from the 70s and 80s. His previous releases have been in Japanese, but “Dancing In The Dark” will be his first exclusively English language song.

“Dancing In The Dark” plays with themes of philosophy and cosmology in a rhythmically irresistible fashion, for beneath the deceptively catchy beat is accompanied by a moral question in reference to Plato’s allegory of the cave.

For those who are not familiar with Plato’s work on the allegory, the question that was asked in Plato’s mind was about the hypothetical of a group being born and raised inside of a cave, where the shadows that lay on the wall are all they have learned about in their lives and all they know.

Imagine an existence of knowing only of the world as such a tiny sliver, where if one were to be freed from the chains binding them to the cave, they would discover much of the world’s wonders and despair at the same time. Imagine the shock when they first witness reality.

Plato proposed that we do actually live in that very cave, and what we see of reality are mere shadows of what truly exists. Perhaps a question this deep cannot be tackled by philosophy alone, and art may be the diffuser of ideas that we need for these thoughts to dissipate.