Dandelion by Justine Sletten


Up-and-coming Canadian country-pop artist Justine Sletten released her latest single “Dandelion” on the 2nd of December 2022, coupled with a lyric video containing picturesque scenes that fit the song well.

Justine Sletten is a passionate singer/songwriter from Saskatchewan, Canada who is influenced by Taylor Swift, Shania Twain, and Tenille Arts Justine. Since the age of 14 Justine was already writing and singing her own songs while trying to improve her performance by participating in competitions and at the age of 16 she released her debut EP “Groundbreaking” which reached the top 10 country albums chart on iTunes in Canada.

As the song begins, it instantly conveys a wholesome and romantic vibe that is powered by strings, acoustic guitar, upbeat drums and a catchy and melodic piano line, with some slide guitar lead lines in the background adding to the country atmosphere. While the lyrics paint the picture of a happy and carefree relationship that’s presented in the metaphor of “floating like a dandelion in the summer air” and being on a “blue sky ride” conveying a sense of weightlessness and freedom, which is best described by Justine as “A fun and energetic story of new love”. As Justine starts singing she takes your breath away right away with her beautiful and dynamic voice, taking the spotlight with her smooth delivery and transitions between the song parts. Don’t miss the opportunity to get serenaded by this romantic anthem that’s guaranteed to make you fall in love with Justine’s voice.


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