Day Dreaming by Hiza Guruma

© Maria Siorba

With the release of their debut single “Day Dreaming” on the 24th of February, Hiza Guruma is kicking off their musical career and creating a buzz for their upcoming self-titled debut EP, set for release on the 17th of March.

Hailing from Athens, Greece Hiza Guruma is an experimental rock band formed in 2021 by George Sapountzis. Inspired by Neo-psychedelia, dream-pop, shoegaze, garage, and surf genres, Hiza Guruma takes a nostalgic approach with the goal of reviving 80’s and 90’s music. 

“Day Dreaming” is written, co-produced, and performed by George Sapountzis, with the help of Vice Lesley as co-producer and Nick Arkomanis who mixed and mastered it.

“Day Dreaming” is a downtempo psychedelic rock song that takes the listener on a spiritual trip. With ambient synth, a melodic Eastern guitar riff, and laid-back percussions create a peaceful atmosphere encouraging the listener to self-reflect. The vocals are distant and reverbed creating a spiritual calling vibe that is felt right away as George begins singing with his flawless voice and eastern melodies. The lyrics are poetic and present a philosophical perspective on life and the concept of time divided into three verses. In the first verse, George starts painting the picture of a dream where a beam of light warms him and he finds himself in a trance-like state. The second verse starts with the line “Sun may rise for those who’ll notice and can realize” suggesting that the sun may rise for those who are aware and can realize their place in the world. The last verse uses the concept of time while reminding the listener of mortality in the line “Grains of sand are what we are”. Ending with a long instrumental outro, the song gives space and atmosphere for the listener to reflect on the lyrics. “Day Dreaming” is a meditation experience that you won’t want to miss out on.