I Ain’t Coming Back by Antony Alexander


“I Ain’t Coming Back” is the latest bombastic release by the independent artist Antony Alexander. It’s a breakup anthem with the ability to use synth waves and blended electronica flairs to push one to move on and see life with new colors.

Antony Alexander is a talented producer who crafts his music at home, resulting in a fusion sound of EDM, pop, and a nostalgic disco touch to complement the sleek execution. The nuances here and there in “I Ain’t Coming Back” reveal how he pays attention to every detail, places each component quite effectively, and is obviously passionate about what he does.

“I Ain’t Coming Back” has a liberating vibe that is presented by the instrumental, the vocals, and the mix and production. The catchy beat and infectious grooves immerse one in the carefree realm and make them get lost there for a while. The synth bursts with vitality, enticing one to move hypnotically and sway with the melody. And the drumming creates a dynamic atmosphere that gets the heads bobbing.

The silky, bright female vocal line is characterized by an optimistic, fresh feel, sounding like someone opening their arms to hug life again. We may say that the vocals were emphasized to help the rhythms boost the mood, even if the great musicality in this song is what stands out.

With its rich sensibility, deft writing, and superb production, this track will appeal to any fan of electronic music. Also, neither a certain setting nor a particular state of mind is necessary; you’ll enjoy it anyway.


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