Days, Weeks, Months & Years by Blake Cateris


After playing a wide range of genres in various bands and being mainly recognized as the frontman of punk rockers Molly & The Krells, vocalist/songwriter Blake Cateris decided to open up and show a different side of himself on his acoustic solo project. After dropping two successful singles, Cateris will be releasing his new single  “Days, Weeks, Months & Years” on the 7th of October, 2022, a lyrically and musically strong from-the-heart song that he described as ““This song is about living out of balance with yourself. Watching the world go by feeling like you might be losing touch with far more important things in life than what you’re focusing on right now.” So let’s dig deeper into it!


With some dreamy mellow chords “Days, Weeks, Months & Years” starts. Blake Cateris’s vocals come in with a strong powerful melody that yet projects lots of emotions especially as you track its progression throughout the song. I loved how Cateris carefully used his writing and musical skills, the verse was tailored to give the vocal melody full command with a subtle acoustic folky melody that made it shine even more. Getting into the bridge and chorus, more melodies are introduced using keyboards, electric guitars, and vocal harmonies with each one of them adding an extra layer to the music and a twist in the song’s flow. 

 “Days, Weeks, Months & Years” is one heartfelt tune by Blake Cateris, it says a lot about his character and musical approach. Blake Cateris’s escalating persistent vocals are accompanied by well-written and arranged melodies all within a solid structure that’ll keep you emotionally hooked throughout the whole song. Looking forward to more from Blake Cateris, wishing you the best of luck, cheers!



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