Letter To My Friend by Karen Harding

Susan Bradfield Photography

Karen Harding, an acoustic artist hailing from Melbourne, Australia, is releasing the final single from her debut “I’ve got a secret” on the 7th of October. She’s been teasing fans by releasing one single every month till the final release of her EP, which will conclude with the song “Letter to my friend” which talks about Harding’s struggles to be there for her friends during the Covid19 pandemic.

 At first, I fell in love with her guitar playing; the acoustic guitar was simple, yet it was touching and powerful. Alongside Harding’s enchanting voice, I couldn’t help but fall in love with this single and the artist. Her lyrics were heartbreaking and really captured the tragedy felt during the pandemic that struck the entire world, and how helpless we all were. In addition, her cover art is cute and simple, featuring Harding on her guitar.

 All in all, no wonder she was one of the top 10 winners of the world songwriting awards; her lyrics, her instrumentals, and the whole vibe were a treat. Once the EP concludes getting out, there’s no knowing what’s in store for Harding with this debut maybe being her road to stardom.


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