Destructive Interference by Inki

Olivia Synnervik

Once again Iceland stuns with a sensational artist, proving the long-standing theory that there must be something in their water or in their air that helps the land churn out one terrific talent after the other. Meet Inki.

 Inki is the moniker for Ingibjörg Friðriksdóttir, an Icelandic artist, based in the capital city Reykjavik. Her alt-pop is wholly original and her cold, Nordic sound is a pure pleasure to experience. In her single Destructive Interference, we get a pretty good glimpse into the world of Inki’s music, and it is a lush world, rich in detail, but quite edgy and quirky at the same time, creating a fusion that’s quite refreshing.

 This piece of alternative pop is laid-back with a looming, melodic sub-bass. A flittering sample of Inki’s voice is processed into singing a melody that hovers above ground all throughout the song, providing a point of reference and anchoring it securely somewhere above ground, from both flying away and falling flat. A genius bit of sound design that showcases the level of musical creativity that Inki operates. The rest of the song is not too shabby either. The melodic, fragmented vocal melody is nuanced, with a sensual, artistic glide at parts, and spots of intentional dissonance that inject the arrangement with vivid color that’s highlighted by the pretty cloudy rest of the instrumentation. And the result is something that’s quite fresh.

 Destructive Interference is proof of Inki’s compositional and arrangement skills without a hint of doubt. A detailed offering that keeps on revealing one layer after another that’s hidden beneath its icy, minimalist exterior. A rewarding listen and the easiest to recommend one.