Cex by Lump200

Marion Masuch

A new piece of experimental electronica from Berlin is almost always going to be a curious and engaging listen. But that’s a mere assumption. Lump200’s latest release, Cex, sits snugly in that category. So, is it a curious and engaging listen? Yes. Very.

Berlin-based Lump200 is an electronic music cross act who are on the verge of dropping its fifth studio album, titled Isles of You, and Cex is the 3rd single released ahead of the album. The piece’s driving, vibrato-laden synth is slick and snaky, harmonically rich, and sonically exciting. The Latin vocal samples are immaculately spliced and processed for an alien effect. The chopped-up beats are looming and in a perpetual chase with the synths and the downbeat. Cex is equally foreboding and intoxicatingly hypnotizing. It scares you, but you can’t look anywhere else. 

Lump200’s Cex is a piece of electronica that brings the shanty districts of Central America and injects them with an alien feel that’s quite frankly captivating. Otherworldly human sounds, earthy synthesizers that sound like laser guns, there’s a level of creativity here that’s simply off the scale. Only Berlin.



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