Devil I Know by Clutchboy Kuma


From Baltimore comes a music producer “Clutchboy Kuma” who consumed his time with producing bombing beats and R&B music in collaboration with a smooth and harmonic voice “Sophie Defrench” from Indiana has created their second song together in a newly released song on the 3rd of June, 2022 a song called “Devil I Know” With an immaculate vibe that gets the real devil out of you with the buzzing rhythmic beats of Kuma’s creation.

They have first created the song “If Only” and they amazingly have never met in real life creating two masterpieces through connecting virtually. Two brilliant minds and Sophie’s angelic voice have collided to come out with the song “Devil I know” that is coming into our playlist so bad with ambiguous dreamy dark vibes and lyrics. The sound of this song is so melodic with some booming jazz and rhythmic beats that progressed along with Sophie’s melodious voice as she sings. It gives you the perfect balance you wish to hear in a song.

Compared to “If Only” it’s not as slow but perfects the vibe to it as if it’s completing each other with the lyrical feels that it gives to the listener while a bass guitar playing in the background buzzes your eardrums and connects to your stomach indescribable feeling.

It feels as if it’s one of the music you hear in movie or series with intense sexual or dramatic scenes that has a dark romance story to it, the song gives that kind of tingling vibe when you watch “50 Shades of Grey” or the series “The Affair.” You can perfectly listen to it by the sea with a pit of fire and some beer imaging the breezy air coming with a tingly feeling that I mentioned earlier that deals with your emotions.

The music is simple and yet so great, they both created a piece that will go viral through the dark and mystical points of view for some of their listeners. I personally added this one to my playlist along with their previous song “If only.”

Kuma will give you the most satisfaction with the rhythmic tunes and music he makes, a brilliant mind Is shining through!


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